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Businesses and Schools

Schools are busy and often stressful places for everyone who has ever been a student, a teacher or a member of staff within a school.

Support in school
This is the next generation of support and service that we can offer to schools and colleges along with other organisations. We offer cost effective pay as you go type services for schools.

Working alongside GP’s, OH and HR departments we can offer schools a pay as you go staff support service, reducing the time a member of staff spends away from work with common mental health issues.

  • Linking with experienced colleagues to enhance a service built on that of Akousis. Reliable and delivers a service direct to a person or organisation in need of emotional support at short notice.
  • We all have mental health and at times our own mental health might need a professional to help us manage it, especially in stressful professions. We liaise with GP’s and other professionals.
  • Organisations are sometimes hit by traumatic incidents – we have the solution to this with a tried and tested plan and policy.
  • We offer specialist training in so many area from Counselling skills to workshops on alcohol and drugs.
  • We promote effective partnership working, enhancing enterprise between companies.