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Adults and couples

Who is counselling for?
Counselling is for both individuals and couples who are unhappy or concerned about their relationship with a partner, a member of their family or work colleagues.

Difficulties can surface for couples and individuals at any time. Often even stable relationships may hit a difficult patch, when communication breaks down, poor intimacy develops and false assumptions made. At this time a counsellor and a client can work together to solve problems and facilitate change.

What is couples counselling?
Couples Counselling is for anyone who is having difficulties in their relationship. Couples Counselling provides a safe setting for couples to discuss the way they feel and behave toward one another and to look at how their difficulties have arisen. Past histories and current stresses can play a part in undermining communication and creating conflict.

The aim of counselling is to increase understanding of how problems affect the relationship to enable the couple to find new ways of dealing with the problem and to help them facilitate changes.

Relationship counselling for individuals can be helpful to work on issues such as:

  • Difficulty in making and maintaining stable relationships;
  • Coping with a loss of a partner through separation, divorce or death;
  • Managing a relationship when a partner is unable or unwilling to attend counselling.