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Young persons

What does young persons counselling offer me?
Counselling is a something  that takes place between two people – the trained counsellor and the you. Counselling provides a safe place to talk about anything that is bothering or upsetting you, with someone who will listen and respect you, and who will not judge you.

How does it work?
Your counsellor will not tell you what they think you should do. Neither do they have a magic wand to make everything better straight away. What they can do is help you to work out what you want to change in your life and support you in making those changes.

What Can I Talk About?
Counselling involves talking about your feelings to someone who can help you make sense of them. Worries could be about  anything or feelings of pressure; you may feel lonely or depressed or you may not be able to pinpoint what’s wrong.

The counsellor will listen to you and support you in finding ways of coping with issues. No issue is too big or too small. Children’s counselling, young persons counselling or teenage counselling in Swindon, is an opportunity for you to explore things that are troubling you.

Will what I say be kept private?
Your counsellor will not tell your parents/carers, teachers, social workers or anyone else what you talk about during your counselling sessions. These sessions are confidential, and for counselling to be successful trust needs to develop between you and the counsellor. There are something’s that cant be kept private, your counsellor will discuss this with you when you first meet.

Someone might have suggested you come along to see a counsellor, there is nothing wrong in this, but your counsellor will make sure you are coming to counselling because you want to work on something that is troubling you. Depending on what you bring to counselling will depend how long you come for, this again Is up to you, no one will force you to do anything you don’t want too.