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Identifying and working with the correct supervisor is an integral part of working in the helping professions and no more so than in the field of counselling and psychotherapy. I believe passionately in the benefits of supervision and I wouldn’t and couldn’t continue to work as therapist/supervisor without a good solid working relationship with my supervisor.

I have extensive experience of working for over 30 years self-employed. The last 15 years I have developed my own thriving private practice as a therapist, supervisor, trainer and consultant. I work or have worked with a wide range of clients in various environments from charities to call centres.  I have set up pilot projects with an international power generation company to support staff retention staff with a prime focus on staff wellbeing. I have worked right across the education sector in a variety of roles working with students, teachers, support staff and school leadership teams. I’m passionate about the benefits of counsellors being available in educational settings and  have placed several counsellors in schools and some of these have become paid positions.

I have extensive experience of working with children and adults over short and long periods of time.

An integral part my practice is providing a consultancy service to OH and HR departments and often working within a multidisciplinary team and taking on board some very complex and sensitive cases.

My own private practice is diverse with extensive experience working with children, teenagers, parents, families, couples and adults.  Families with Behaviour and Special Educational Needs including ASD/ADHD families with challenging behaviour is an area I specialise in

I use an integrative approach to supervision and focus on developing a strong and supportive relationship that facilitates an open dialog to explore the dynamics of client work. Supervision should be informative but challenging and a place to learn and develop skills and self-awareness ensuring practitioner and client safety. I see supervision as a collaborative and creative endeavour.  Just like the therapeutic relationship supervision is based on trust, reflection and exploration where the supervisee feels safe and supported.

I have experience of offering individual and small groups for supervision to both trainees and qualified therapists. I also supervise safeguarding leads in schools and provide a consultancy based service for senior managers in education and also in the private sector.

I trained at the Sherwood institute in Nottingham in integrative supervision I attend many training courses to ensure my supervision practice is constantly updated.

I can provide supervision either in person or online.

Please contact me for more details.