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Life is all about relationships, we have relationships with many people and they are not always positive and healthy. Perhaps you have changed and are not sure if you want the relationship to continue or you are just not happy. We all have patterns of relating and the most important aspect of any relationship is communication. Often we find it difficult to communicate how we feel or what is happening to us for many reasons and these can be issues from our past or repeated patterns of behaviour.

Maybe we think the people we have relationships with know how we feel but this doesn’t always happen. Also, if you are not able to say what you are upset about you can end up withdrawing, sulking, walking out and your partner is none the wiser.

Relationship difficulties can affect us emotionally, physically and psychologically.

How can counselling help?
Counselling allows you to talk over your difficulties with someone who really wants to understand you and will listen without judging you. By having time to talk about yourself and your relationships you may come to see patterns of behaviour or ways of thinking that are not healthy to you. It may connect you to other relationships you have had in the past, what are you looking for from relationships and if they are healthy and positive for you.

Counselling offers you the opportunity to make connections and the space to be yourself.