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My practice room is based at home; however the room is separate from the main house with its own separate and private entrance. I’m located just one mile outside the town centre of Swindon. The counselling room is easy accessed by car, or by public transport as it is located on a main bus route into or out of the town centre.

The neighbourhood is generally very quiet and easy to find. There is a parking space that is available right outside the door. Originally the counselling room was a garage and was professionally converted 5 years ago. The room is private, spacious, and clean and has natural and artificial lighting to ensure the environment is welcoming and very relaxing. The room is decorated and furnished to a very high standard and is not used for any other purpose apart from counselling.

For everyones safely and security the room is fitted with emergency lighting, automatic fire alarm, and personal protection alarms that are linked via a central station for police response. When I work with with young persons, the CCTV system that is installed will be recording for everyones safety. I have a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher and an accident book to comply with health and safety at work.

I have a strict policy of ‘No smoking’.

The premises are accessible to disabled clients.

I do not have a separate waiting area; So please do not arrive earlier than your appointment time as i might still be working with someone, and to ensure no one meets at the door, I plan adequate gaps between sessions.

I have a landline telephone in the counselling room which you can use to call a taxi if required. Toilet facilities are also available, however the toilet is situated in the main house. This is on the ground floor and is easy accessible.