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Firstly you will need to contact me either by telephone, text or by email. You might get my mobile phone voice mail that I use to ensure I have no interruptions during counselling sessions. Please do not be put off by this as I will telephone you back if you leave your name and number.

The first appointment will be an opportunity for us to meet face to face in the environment where we would both be working. The initial meeting gives everyone concerned a chance to explore how counselling could help you.Try not to worry about being anxious or nervous about coming into counselling. It’s my job as the counsellor to look after you and help us all feel at ease with each other.

Meeting each other for the first time will also give you a sense of how working together would feel if we both decide to work beyond the initial session.

It’s my job as a counsellor to work the way you work and in counselling you will never be told what to do. It’s the counsellor’s job help you see different perspectives so you can make the choices you need to make if thats what you want to do.

It’s important to be as honest and open as you be about what beings you into counselling. The more honest we are the better we can see how counselling can help. Sometimes it takes time for trust to build for us to be honest with ourselves and in turn honest with each other. In counselling there is no rush and no pressure – your counsellor is there to support you. Sometimes persons coming into to counselling are facing some difficult things about their lives. Being upset in counselling is quite normal. Your counsellor will be very supportive and please don’t worry about being upset.

I do charge for the initial session. However this is without obligation on either side to continue past the first session. If we felt we couldn’t work together I would most probably recommend someone who could possibly work with you. This doesn’t happen very often but on the occasions it does then I will try my best to recommend some with the correct skill and experience.

Any letters or short reports needed as a result of the initial session would be would be included in the initial fee.

Additional letters or reports would be charged for at an agreed fee.

Fees are chargeable if less than 24 hours’ notice is given of cancellation.

Practical considerations such as time, place, cost and duration of meetings will need to be decided, and you should feel free to ask questions about my professional background.

All that takes place between a counsellor and client is treated with respect and discretion and agreement will be made during this first session about confidentiality. If exceptional circumstances arise, your consent will be sought for a change in this agreement.  We will arrange a regular review of sessions to evaluate any progress and perhaps renegotiate the counselling sessions as necessary. There is no need to commit yourself to a long-term work unless you are satisfied that this is what you want.

Counselling should make you feel relaxed and supported. By the end of the first meeting we both should have a good idea about being able to work together. Your counsellor well talk all this though with you during the first session.