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Generalised Anxiety Disorder is extreme worry and anxiety; it is severe tension that interferes with daily life. Much more than the normal anxiety people experience day-to-day, Generalised Anxiety Disorder means anticipating tragedy and often worrying extremely about family, money and health. Other minor issues such as chores or appointments can also cause chronic anxiety and for some, just getting through the day can cause worry.

How does it feel?
Trouble sleeping is common with this disorder and other physical symptoms such as fatigue, muscle aches, irritability, headaches and sweating are frequent. This can lead to problems concentrating and working effectively, therefore causing the sufferer further distress.

Generalised Anxiety Disorder is diagnosed when the individual spends at least six months worrying excessively about normal everyday problems. The disorder rarely exists alone and can be accompanied by depression, alcohol or drug abuse or another anxiety disorder.

How can Counselling help?
Generalised Anxiety Disorder can be treated. A counsellor can help you to identify your particular trigger(s) and help you to understand why that event has such an impact on you. They can help you to see the event from a different perspective. A counsellor can also help you to explore how you could deal with the situations that make you anxious more effectively.