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Abusive relationships

How does it feel?
If we have suffered abuse, we are often left with feelings of powerlessness, shame, anger or despair. We may be desperate to put the abuse behind us and get on with our lives, but find it still haunts us, with nightmares or flashbacks or just poor quality relationships with others around us. We may find it difficult to form close relationships without getting hurt yet again.

Abuse Counselling in Swindon: Physical, Sexual, Emotional

As children, we need love and protection from our parents and other adults. Many of us instead were ill-treated or exploited, in one way or another.

As adults, we need love and support from our partner and friends. Many of us instead are hurt or victimised by those who we thought loved us. For some, being abused as an adult continues an all-too-familiar pattern of being abused as a child.

How can counselling help?
A counsellor cannot erase the past. What has happened has happened. But talking to someone who really wants to understand you and who listens, without judging, to every part of your experience can bring enormous benefits. You may get a clearer idea of who was responsible for what happened and you may let go of your feelings of guilt or shame. A counsellor can help help you move on and bigin to live your life in a much better way